Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

How It Works

After receiving feedback from previous participants along with our desire to improve, we have since evolved and strive to host a more strategically planned event.


In saying that, we are now hosting Muslim Speed Dating events. This system will be utilised so that all single participants will have the opportunity to meet each other. Increasing the chances of finding their perfect match In Sha Allah.



Ratio of men to women:


Whilst Iman Islamic Events always strives to get a 50:50 ratio of men to women, realistically this is not always possible. The reason being, participants sometimes are unable to attend on the day, without providing prior notice, whilst on the flip side, we also get a lot of participants that just rock up to the event without registering beforehand. Whilst we try our utmost to ensure we have an equal number of men:women at our events, in the event there are more women or men, the show goes on. We will not cancel or amend the program due to this, instead we aim to make the most of the fun and social occasion, as best we can.



The Event Programme:


All events commence with an opening dua and differ each time with a unique programme or theme. The speed dating usually takes about 2 hours, after which dinner, lunch or, cakes and beverages will be enjoyed by participants in a cocktail style manner as a conclusion to the event. Participants usually take this opportunity to swap numbers and engage in contact with any potential interests/prospects.


Iman Islamic Event staff members will also be working the floor doing introductions when and if required to do so. Especially for the introverted participant that may be too shy to approach an interest, directly.


All mahrams will be seated throughout out the event in a manner in which they are able to observe everything that takes place.



Code of Conduct:


All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and if any complaints are received of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, the participant in question will be asked to leave the premises and will be banned from attending any future events hosted or affiliated with Iman Islamic Events.


Everyone attending is in the same position, - single. It is completely off limits to make anyone feel uncomfortable or inferior in anyway. If you get approached by someone you are not interested in, simply advise this to them in the kindest possible way. How we treat each other, comes back to us, and our disposition is what will either attract  or repel any interest. So be kind, happy and smile... It's sunnah :)





In an attempt to prevent long queues, last minute cancellations or no shows and to curb participants from rocking up at the last minute, which does affect our aim of a 50:50 ratio...


No cash will be handled on the day of the event any longer, payment must be made prior to the event to secure your seat. You can book online or via eft/ bank deposit.


This event will be Iman Islamic Events' biggest Muslim Singles Speed Dating event.


Book now to secure your spot and to avoid disappointment.

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